Rocky Mountain Holding LLC Sues Owners Over Rocky Mountain Holding Property

Rocky Mountain Holding Company is a corporation incorporated in Utah. The company bought the land under the name Snow Bird Resorts, and now they are attempting to make money by suing a snow bird. This seems like a rather tall order, as they were not actually licensed to operate this business when they purchased the land. They were one of many outfitters that bought a large tract of land and set up a lodge on the property and operated there for some time, but it was never allowed for visitation or for any other type of recreation.

Rocky Mountain Holding Lawsuit

The owner of the lodge is suing them, because they were not allowed to operate on the land. They filed a suit against the Rocky Mountain Holdings LLC, and they named all of their other subcontractors in the lawsuit. The owner was not happy with this turn of events, and they later filed a second lawsuit against the entire board of directors of Rocky Mountain Holdings LLC, and accused them of trying to run the resort as a business, instead of a vacation destination. The board has denied the accusations.

The owner is being represented by an attorney from Cedar City, Utah.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs are Robert T. Young, and Karen L. Decker of Cedar City. The suit names Rock Mountain Holding LLC as well as several other defendants. The suit is expected to be filed sometime within the next few weeks. It appears that this suit is being filed because the owner was not given a lease or an option agreement when he bought the property.

The Rocky Mountain Holdings lawsuit states that the owner was not properly served when he first bought the property.

He did not receive a copy of the deed, which is required by law. There was a lien put on the property, and it was not returned upon his death. His wife then took the initiative to sell the land and bought a lien, or lien certificate, which is also a requirement by law. Several months later, the owners received a letter from Rock Mountain Holding LLC, and that is when they learned that the lawsuit had been filed. They were surprised that the lawsuit was brought forward.

The owners say that they purchased the land for investment purposes only and that they never intended to develop any property there.

In fact, they had no intention of selling the property at all. The co-owner, Robert T. Young, bought the home in January, but the deed was not executed until March. It was not until early April that the lawsuit was filed in county court.

The lawsuit says that the owner now regrets getting into the deal with Rocky Mountain Holding LLC.

He purchased a deed from the company on March 24th, and had no intention of selling it before that day. When he learned that the company had agreed to buy the house for purchase price, he decided to sell the house for more than he paid. On July 3rd, he informed the company that he wanted out of the deal. He was served with the lawsuit on August 4th, a few days before the end of his time with the company.

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