The Institute for Vibrant Living was founded by Associate Professor Dr. JoAnn Simmons in 1970. Its stated purpose is to train and support individuals who are striving to live healthy lifestyles, while empowering them to bring their personal and professional goals into fruition. Dr. Simmons has always held strong to the belief that no one is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. In fact, it is the want to do better than what they are given, which drives her passion and dedication to educating those who come to her institute. Each year, she provides workshops and seminars to educate those looking to create a better life.

Living Lawsuit

A plaintiff may file a lawsuit either by themselves or as a plaintiff’s representative, referred to as a “plaintiff.” When filing as a plaintiff, one must prepare a case plan, collect evidence, hire a lawyer and obtain financial support from private sources. Once the plaintiff receives the all clear from their lawyer, they will file their lawsuit, which will be handled by an attorney known as a “plaintiff’s lawyer.” There are many advantages to selecting an attorney to represent you when filing a lawsuit.

Plaintiffs are empowered to take their case directly to court if they believe the defendants broke the law.

If these accusations are proven, defendants can be forced to pay fines, rehabilitation programs, restitution and to compensate victims for their pain and suffering. Also, if the lawsuit requires witness testimony, plaintiffs may be compensated for their time and for the expense of hiring a lawyer. Attorneys are also privy to any statements the witnesses may have to provide in their testimonies.

Additionally, attorneys are able to obtain discovery to present in court. Discovery is the examination of a defendant’s records, which may reveal many things, including possible infidelities.

Plaintiffs attorneys work diligently to obtain the best evidence possible, often interviewing hundreds of potential defendants and obtaining expert witness reports. Once all of the evidence is gathered, both parties present their cases to a judge or jury.

If the defendants decide to fight the lawsuit, they will file court papers known as “affidavits of defendants.”

These affidavits contain a detailed account of their side of the story. The defendants’ attorney will then answer questions from the plaintiff’s attorney in an attempt to show their client’s innocence. The plaintiff’s attorney will file counter affidavits. Both types of affidavits form the basis of the complaint against the defendants. If the defendant’s lawyer is unable to prove their innocence, or the plaintiff fails to prove their innocence, both parties are given the opportunity to settle the case out of court.

One advantage that lawsuits of this nature have is the ability to bring together many different groups who might not normally have collaborated.

For example, if there are two elderly women who are members of a certain neighborhood homeowners’ association, they may be able to sue the association for being discriminated against because of their gender. In this type of lawsuit, all members of the homeowners’ association are allowed to join. This would obviously be a positive development for any institute for vibrant living. Also, it would be an ideal situation for the plaintiffs and the defendants to reach an agreement out of court regarding the terms of the settlement.

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  1. My mother invested in your supplement a few years ago. It had a recall on it, she stopped using them. I am the daughter that filed a suit against the company a few years ago but no reply.

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