A Class Action Lawsuit on behalf of the Plaintiffs Against Finasteride Manufacturer

The plaintiff in a class action finasteride lawsuit is suing the manufacturer of the pill for claims of sexual adverse effects. According to the complaint, which was filed in Federal Court in California, the pill is known to cause erectile dysfunction in men. It can cause an unexpected surge in the blood sugar levels. It can also cause depression and mood swings.

Finasteride Lawsuit

Further, the complaint further states that the antidepressants that are used to treat diabetes can also have adverse sexual side effects. Such adverse effects include impotence, decreased libido and decreased ability to sustain a firm erection. It can also cause changes in body weight leading to obesity. All these side effects were allegedly caused by the combination of propecia (propecia) and finasteride (finasteride). The plaintiffs argue that these pills are defective as they contain ingredients that have unknown long-term adverse effects on human health.

The plaintiffs further claim that the manufacturers knew about these long-term side effects.

They failed to warn consumers about the long term health risks associated with taking finasteride lawsuit. The class action suit further claims that the defendants did not conduct proper studies on the effects of the pills on the health of the general public. The plaintiffs argue that this case is different from the usual class action cases.

Plaintiffs have alleged that the defendants failed to warn the public about the potential side effects of finasteride because they did not believe that such warnings would be effective.

The FDA has acknowledged receipt of the class action lawsuit. As of the present time, the FDA has not received any reports on the possible causal relationship between the pills and persistent sexual dysfunction in men. There are other similar products that have been involved in lawsuits for male pattern baldness. Some products have resulted in class action lawsuits.

The plaintiffs further claim that they were exposed to various harmful chemicals and compounds when they took finasteride.

Some of the substances that have been suspected of causing adverse sexual side effects include iodine and histamine. Some of the compounds in finasteride that have been linked to persistent sexual dysfunction in men include androgenic and antiandrogenic drugs. Some of the compounds in finasteride that have been linked to erectile dysfunction include androstenedione, metherolyl esters, and methylated estrogens.

The plaintiffs have demanded that the defendants provide a safe treatment for hair loss in males and correct the health problems that have been attributed to finasteride.

In the present period, a finasteride class action lawsuit has been filed against four companies that produce and supply finasteride products. The companies are Jansport, Wellpoint, Maxalt and Procter & Gamble. These companies have until next month to respond to the complaint.

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  1. Are there any Lawsuits against the makers of Finasteride in the United Kingdom?
    I suffer badly from the side effects of the drug.

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