The WEN class action lawsuit is filed by over 200 women who are unhappy with the hair care products created by Chaz Dean. WEN is an alternative hair care system that was recently approved by a federal judge. There have been thousands of complaints filed against the manufacturer, and the company claims that it is responsible for the breakage and loss of its customers’ hair. However, the FDA only received a mere 200 complaints. While the company claims that it is a safe alternative to chemical-based hair styling products, many of its customers have reported that they have experienced breakage or loss of their hair.

In addition to lawsuits filed by consumers, WEN has settled with unsatisfied customers.

A settlement of $26 million was reached in September of last year, and many victims are now eligible to receive settlement payments. Some of the WEN consumers have received their $25 check already. If you have also suffered from baldness and are still using WEN, you may qualify for the class action. And you don’t need to be an expert in medicine to join the lawsuit.

The WEN class action lawsuit settlement is divided into two tiers: a lower-tier payment of $25 for each WEN consumer, and a higher payout of $20,000 for those who had significant baldness caused by the hair loss. If you have purchased WEN, you should know that the company has set aside a sum of $5 million to provide $25 cash payments to people who have been affected by it. But this will be much lower if more than 200,000 people sign up to be part of the lawsuit. If you are one of those whose hair has been damaged by WEN, you can expect to get a check for up to $20 each.

A recent settlement between WEN and customers claiming hair loss has settled the WEN class-action lawsuit for $26 million.

This amount will be distributed in four stages, with each person receiving up to $2000. If you’ve been a WEN consumer, you may be eligible to claim your compensation. You may even qualify for a large settlement that will pay you millions of dollars. It’s important to read and understand the terms of this lawsuit to ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible.

The WEN class action settlement has been a long time coming. The company has been accused of deceiving consumers by claiming that their hair loss was caused by the WEN. As a result, the WEN company has settled the lawsuit with Guthy-Renker LLC, which will settle for $20,000 in total. The settlement will not cover the costs of the WEN product, but it will compensate the people who have been affected by the product.

WEN’s haircare products have been the subject of a class-action lawsuit for years.

The company had sold them under false promises and the FDA had investigated the complaints. The WEN settlement was a settlement that allowed the company to resolve the issues in a relatively small amount of time. It was agreed to pay $25 per person who has suffered from WEN baldness. If more than 200,000 people sign up, the payout would be higher than the minimum.

The WEN class action lawsuit has been settled and a settlement was reached. The company has agreed to pay $26 million to settle the cases of unsatisfied consumers. The WEN class action lawsuit has been won by Chaz Dean and Guthy-Renker LLC, who will settle with the company. This settlement will provide cash compensation to those who suffered. In the meantime, the settlement will help the consumers.

WEN settled the case after consumers complained about the quality of the product. It is paying out millions of dollars in settlement funds to consumers who suffered the consequences of using the Wen products. As of April 28, 2017, the WEN class action lawsuit has paid out $25 million to all of the WEN buyers who have suffered from the product. Even though the company agreed to settle, it’s still a good idea to register as a WEN consumer.

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  1. I have a claim number for WEND #358420. I don’t recall receiving a settlement ,albeit a very minute one. How can I find out. I am very good at keeping track of things. I ran into my old claim from 12/16/2016 and it’s still in my pending.

  2. We have received NO FUNDS. We purchased WEN through QVC.
    Hundreds and hundreds of dollars on WEN and we each have lost 2/3 of our thick hair.

  3. I bought Wen from QVC! The beginning of October! I used for a week or two! I loved the way my hair felt! I started noticing my hair started feeling different! My husband told me their was a lot of my hair in the drainer! My hair felt and looked thin on top and on the sides I started losing my hair because of Wen! I am very upset because of this! What are you going to do!!!

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