No Quinolone – A Memory Loss Complication?

The company known as Quinny biosciences filed a lawsuit against the Federal Trade Commission for trying to protect consumers from fraudulent and harmful products. In the case, the company is challenging the regulations set forth by the FDA for supplement claims. One of the key ingredients used in supplements has been proven ineffective to help improve brain function. A quack company has filed a class-action lawsuit against the FDA claiming that the regulations are too strict and demand proof of results before a supplement can be labeled successful. The company is not alone in its quest to protect quack products, many other companies have filed lawsuits against the FDA over their policies on dietary supplements. This has created a lot of chaos in the dietary supplement industry.

One dietary supplement claimed to lower cholesterol with no proof was banned by the FDA. Another was withdrawn from the market after the FDA concluded that it was ineffective. One substance has been scientifically unproven by independent scientific studies. Quincy Bioscience is suing the FTC for deceiving older Americans about an unproven drug. They are basing their lawsuit on the false claim that the substance apoaequorin improves brain function.

Apoaequorin is not a stimulant, it does not increase blood flow and it does not improve brain health. This lawsuit is part of a class-action lawsuit against the dietary supplement industry. The supplement company is being sued because they do not want consumers to know that the drug was not clinically proven to improve brain health or to prevent memory loss. A quack attorney tried to get the company to admit that the substance was ineffective, but the FDA declined to admit any fault. The judge overseeing the case ordered the company to pay out millions in refunds to customers who purchased unbranded versions of the product.

Not only was the company not held accountable for their products being ineffective, they were able to keep the nootropics secret because there is no FDA approval for them. This means that they could keep selling these medications and supplements to consumers, and they would not have to be regulated by the FDA. These nootropics do not have to include any active ingredients in order to be sold over the counter, so it’s very important to watch out for this kind of thing. Quinolone is one of the most popular ingredients used in supplements of this type and it is actually one of the most dangerous.

Any dietary supplement should contain only safe substances in order to be effective. None of the ingredients listed above should ever enter the body, and none of them have been proven to improve brain health. If you want to use quinolone as a dietary supplement, then I highly recommend that you look for something completely natural and organic. The jellyfish extract that they use in their supplements is not really helpful in increasing your brain function, so it might be a good idea just to stay away from these types of products all together.

You can find the best nootropics for proper brain health, but you won’t find them in the no Quinolone products that I reviewed. They had all of the benefits that you would expect from a supplement that was designed to treat memory loss, but there are plenty of other ways to achieve the same benefits without adding any chemicals to your body. For more information on how you can effectively increase your brain performance and protect yourself from the effects of aging, visit my website today.

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