FEDEX is the largest and one of the best known U.S. courier companies. When one uses FEDEX services, all they are subject to is the rules of the company and the law. This means that an independent contractor who is employed by FEDEX is considered an employee of the company and as such is subject to the same employment laws and benefits as other employees. In most cases, this means FEDEX has to hire an appropriate lawyers to represent its employee in a FEDEX independent contractor lawsuit. The company is aware of the risks it faces when it hires outside help to represent its employees and as such has a team of lawyers ready at all times to take on any case brought against the company.

If an employee feels he or she is being discriminated against while performing their duties at work, or if they feel they are owed wages and other benefits that they would be entitled to as an employee, FEDEX has an obligation to abide by whatever legal procedures are legally required for such claims. FEDEX is not a small company by any stretch of the imagination, so it is reasonable to expect that it has many employees as well as numerous and varied roles in the operation of the company. This means FEDEX has many different employees who are all vested in a number of different parts of the company and as such FEDEX will need the assistance of every employee in the event of an internal whistle blowing lawsuit, or any other type of legal claim. The company realizes that every employee is valuable to FEDEX and that each one is entitled to equal treatment under the law. As such FEDEX does not tolerate discrimination of any kind and any action taken in a FEDEX independent contractor lawsuit is taken in accordance with FEDEX employment laws.

If you are an employee of FEDEX and you feel that you have been unfairly selected to represent FEDEX in a FEDEX independent contractor lawsuit, you should make every effort to notify your company immediately. Your communication to the company should include exactly what happened and who you believe to be at fault. Your communication should also clearly explain to the company what will be done for your benefits as well as what will be done for your benefit if FEDEX fires you. A proper protocol must be established within your company for contacting your next of kin if of an injury or other type of claim. This is an important part of doing business and if this cannot be handled by your company, you may want to consider retaining a personal injury attorney.

As an employee of FEDEX it is very important to understand that FEDEX will make every attempt to ensure that it complies with all the requirements of all of the applicable Federal Laws and Regulations. FEDEX will have a very comprehensive web site that details all of its services and employment-related responsibilities. If you choose to go with an FEDEX attorney, make certain that they are registered with the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) and are accredited with the NALA’s Commission on Accreditation for Legal Assistants (CALA).

It is important to remember that all legal documents should be retained for future use, either by you or by another party. You should also make certain that any materials that pertain to your case are destroyed or returned to the company in a timely manner. In addition, retain any receipts, bills and any other documentation that pertain to the work performed for you. These legal documents may prove invaluable in court later on. Furthermore, FEDEX will retain all legal papers for a seven year period from the date of this document.

When hiring an FEDEX attorney, you need to make certain that you are working with a legitimate attorney that practices in the State of Texas. There is currently a pending state lawsuit against FEDEX pertaining to negligence. If you hire an attorney that practices in this particular state, then they will have a leg up on preparing your case. Additionally, they will have access to specific experience in handling these types of cases and can better guide you through this difficult process.

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