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Homes are being built today with Chinese drywall, called HIP, in the walls. This is not an inexpensive material to use, but it can also make a home very attractive and durable. The problem is that in some parts of the country, it has caused injuries and deaths from people falling through the cracks in the drywall.

Lennar Lawsuit

The state of Florida is home to many families who have been severely injured because of the poor material used in many of their homes. They have filed a lennar lawsuit against the manufacturer, Lindar, Inc. The complaint states that the Chinese drywall has failed to meet health and safety regulations in areas that it is supposed to be safe for residents to be in. It is being held negligent in having a lack of fire protection, as well as failing to make sure that the proper drywall installation procedures were followed in all of the homes it serviced.

What has made this lawsuit unique in that area is that it is being brought by victims who are all members of the same ethnic group.

It is not unusual for homeowners to feel less safe in a home where family members are living, as most everyone is aware of the dangers of mixing different cultures. But in these instances, the danger does not take away the enjoyment of a good home. People who live in Florida homes that are affected by the faulty workmanship and improper installation practices of Lindar could easily be a candidate for this lawsuit.

The homes being damaged are all being built in areas with high population densities.

These areas can include cities like Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, Pompano, Sarasota, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. Lindar is responsible for cleaning up the problem, but without putting a stop to the irresponsible activities of its contractors, the company will eventually find itself liable for personal injuries and property damage. The problem was made worse by the sub-contractors that did not use proper Pest Control methods. When it comes to dealing with pest control, it is best to hire an established and reputable firm.

There is no question that it is important for the homeowners in Florida to hire a competent and knowledgeable pest control operator.

These professionals know what they are doing, and when it comes to protecting the occupants of homes from harm, there is nothing more important than that. The unfortunate thing about having a lawsuit like this is that many homeowners believe they are the only ones to blame for the problems associated with the sub-contractors. While the lawsuit is being fought in court, the workers at Lindar will continue to do their job, and the toxic chemicals will be contained within the walls and floors of the homes. If the toxic chemicals were released into the environment, there would be catastrophic effects on wildlife, crops, and people.

The only way that the lawsuits can be completely prevented is by using Pest Control companies that have been licensed and insured.

This way, if a deadly accident occurs, or an unexpected problem arises, the company will be financially protected. If you are a Lindar client who was subjected to sub-contractor negligence, and you want to file a lawsuit, you can do so without hesitation. There are many outstanding Pest Control attorneys that are willing to help you get your deserved claim.

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