A Tramadol lawsuit is a good way to get your money’s worth. Tramadol is a prescription pain reliever, but it’s also widely abused due to its lack of regulation and higher price. It can lead to an early death, higher price, and a shorter lifespan. There’s a good chance you’ll qualify for compensation if you’ve suffered from any of these problems.

Tramadol is a mood enhancer

If you’ve been wondering whether tramadol is a mood enhancer, you’ve come to the right place. Although it’s an opioid, tramadol’s strength is significantly lower than oxycodone and fentanyl. It’s sometimes even considered for use in people recovering from surgery. Although it is a Schedule IV drug, tramadol is considered a milder opioid than oxycodone or fentanyl, which are still categorized as Schedule II and III.

It is a drug with a higher death rate

As one of the most commonly prescribed medications, tramadol has a higher death rate than other opioids. Specifically, it is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular events, fractures, and mortality. It is important to talk with a doctor about the risks of tramadol and determine if the benefits outweigh the risks. A study published in The American Journal of Medicine found that tramadol caused nearly 5,000 deaths in the United States from 2003 to 2011.

It is a drug with a shorter lifespan

While tramadol has been on the market for 15 years, abuse of this pain reliever is a growing global problem. In addition to being over-prescribed, tramadol is also used to treat pain that lasts less than 12 hours. Fortunately, the drug is safe and effective, but misuse has become a major issue. Here’s a look at how to tell if a person is abusing the drug.

It is a drug with a controlled substance in only a few states

Although tramadol is a centrally acting pain medication with opioid properties, it is only a controlled substance in a few states. While it is not widely used, the abuse of tramadol is common among people with a history of substance abuse or addiction. As such, tramadol abuse is just one of the many problems related to pain relievers in the US.

It is a drug with serious side effects

Among its serious side effects is its potential to make you drowsy. When taken with other drugs, tramadol can lead to serious breathing problems. It can also cause sedation and even coma. Because of these side effects, tramadol should never be used by people with any of the following medical conditions. It is best to discuss tramadol and its potential risks with a doctor.

It is a drug that is habit-forming

Prescription medication can be habit-forming if it increases the levels of dopamine in the brain and affects the reward center. The most common prescription drugs with this habit-forming tendency are opioids, central nervous system depressants, and stimulants. If you or someone in your family is using these medications, you should consult your physician or healthcare provider if you are experiencing symptoms of addiction or misuse. While most prescription drugs are safe to use, certain types of prescription medications are habit-forming and should be taken only as prescribed.

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25 thoughts on “Why You Should File a Tramadol Lawsuit”
  1. Tramadol caused my bladder to have pain and excess urination. As soon as I was taken off problem stopped but then reoccured so I had to have surgery. I still suffer with spastic bladder because of it. Is there anyone else who suffered side effects like this? At the time I was only on it and Lisinopril. I remember researching this over 3 years ago when it happened and I saw messages from others who had same side effects so that’s why I told my Doctor to put me on something else.

  2. I took this for 20 years for arthritis. Lost hearing in both ears developed tinnitus.Joined class action lawsuit but forgot who with. I haven’t heard from lawyers. Heard from big pharma once explaining bankruptcy. Can u tell me anything about this

  3. Hey, I have been prescribed tramadol for 15 years due to injuries from a car accident. I am really addicted and have tried many times to stop but it has been a constant struggle to stop. I’m really afraid of losing my life over the battle with tramadol. I was told that drug would not be addictive and not to worry because it has not habit forming… nonetheless I have been addicted since the first year of being prescribed tramadol.

    1. I to suffered from a medical professional putting me on tramadol and telling me it wasn’t addictive and was safe and struggled trying to get help tapering off of it for 12 years all to finally find a doctor who then put me on saboxone and kept me on that for 2 years and finally got a good doctor who is currently tapering me off of it and the withdrawals even with tapering is still miserable. I would sue them if I knew how! Try tapering off as low as you can and the withdrawals shouldn’t be as bad to handle once you do that but please don’t take saboxone. It’s worse to get off of then tramadol. A lot of doctors argue it’s not addictive and is like taking ibuprofen but ibuprofen doesn’t cause withdrawals so I disagree with them. Please find someone to hemp you, something like that having a hold on you really sucks. Good luck and hope you get the help you need!

    2. I have been on Tramadol for 20 years I was cut off I went through 3 weeks of hell it’s mind over matter you will be tested but I heard Gabapentin helps with with drawls so have that prescribed

    3. I have been taking tramadol for over 20 yrs.iam addicted to it.dr said iam depended not addicted to it.if I forget to take it I get panicked knowing what my body will go through. My personality changes I get itchy bad dreams etc.i know I would have to go to rehab to get off.dr.also has me on narco.so iam totally screwed.but I have chronic neck and back pain.they told me tramadol was non addictive!!!

    4. You know I was also told it is non addicting and supposedly it was a non opiate but I got chemically dependent to it only 5 days after getting it..

  4. Tramadol ruined my life. I was given percocet for at least a year and asked my doctor in 2009 to give me something non narcotic for my pain. He prescribed me 240 a month (8 a day) I had no idea I was physically dependent on in until I was out one day and was sicker than I have been in my whole life. Then my doctor would no longer give it to me because I lost insurance and couldn’t afford to be seen. So I would get from friends, buy on streets, go to hospital and even stealing to support my habit for this non addicted drug. I ended up losing my house, my car, my kids and my ex husband. I will suffer everyday because of me not having my babies

  5. Hello My Name Is Ms.Frankie I have been taking Tramadol for several years… I suffer with fibromyalgia pain so I was given tramadol for my pain but the side effects are so horrible.. If I run out of my tramadol for my next prescription is feel I go thru fits severe pain I try to make my medication last because it’s horrible side effects to my body it’s addicted to the Medication tramadol the Pharmaceutical company is putting something in there that causes bad side effects to people in severe pain when there without tramadol medication… I would like to talk to a Lawyer for help filing a Lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company that makes tramadol.. Thank you Ms.Norwood

  6. I’m on Tramadol for several years the side effects are horrible to deal with my body is addicted to this medication I suffer with fibromyalgia pain!! But this medication helps my pain !! But if I try not to use it that offen my body goes into fits and all kinds of horrible pain I get dizzy it horrible feeling my body goes thru!! The pharmaceutical company that makes tramadol is the fault for this they’re putting something in tramadol that helps the pain but you go to horrible horrible side effects it’s very unbearable. I wanted to talk to a lawyer about filing a Lawsuit against the The pharmaceutical company that makes tramadol or whatever they’re putting inside this medicine and they can be so addictive and have horrible side effects which causes the body to be addicted to tramadol medication!! Thank you!! Please someone contact me!

  7. given toradol in e.r no reason for it no pain at all–wound up with 4 heart attacks med bills million 450.00 complicated since i had to settle mal vs hospital on different matter lawyer screwed up totally no mention of rx s

  8. I have liver damage i never drank alcohol but did take tramadol and for years now I have to go to Dr monthly to get blood work to check on my liver no H I V no hep c d or anything

  9. Was very drug with this med always sleeping. Side effects many decided to go off it cold turkey almost went crazy..

    Want to join the lawsuit

  10. I lost my daughter’s Mother last year to a tremadol overdose.She was 39 years old and Her name was Andrea!My daughter is only 13 and will never see her mother again!Please I want to sue for pain and suffering for my daughter!!!!
    Does anyone know a good attorney?

  11. Due to a serious back injury I was prescribed Tramadol for over 5 years. I was told that it was non-addictive, and safer than traditional Opiate based medication. It worked amazingly and even enhanced my mood. I thought it was a miracle drug. As my body developed resistance to the drug my dose was increased to get the desired results. This was not ideal but i was told it was compleaty normal. I soon found myself taking 240 50mg pills every 7-10 days. My pain management doctor gave me PRN refills, and since it was “non-adictive” I took them whenever needed and figured it was ok. Never once was I told by a Pharmacist or anyone how truly addictive and dangerous this medication was.
    It wasn’t until my pain management doctor retired and his replacement cut my perscription by 90% that I realized how bad I was hooked. The withdrawal was worse than death, I literally couldn’t function. After a month of this and seeing no signs of getting better I finally gave in and started taking oxycontin. Not even 80 mg of oxy a day made me feel normal. I sought out stonger and stronger drugs, morphine, daladid, and finally heroin. At this point i wasnt taking them for my back pain, I was using illegal drugs simply to stop the withdrawal from legal non-addictive Tramadol. Nothing compared to the feeling and relief i got from the high dose of Tramadol. Tramadol is by far the most addictive and strongest analgesic available. I spent 5 years after that as a full fledged drug addict. My addiction cost me everything during those years, friends, family, and eventually my freedom.
    I have been sober for 3 years now. The journey back to sobriety has been difficult and long. I have built a life that I love now. I wish someone would have told me the truth about Tramadol. I took it because I was in pain, and was told that it was non-addictive. I have used, and withdrawn from every pain killer out there. Tramadol is the hardest to kick, and is also the strongest. It almost destroyed me. In some states it is still said to be a non-addictive and safe alternative to opioid-based drugs. In other states it is given the lowest addiction level for controlled substances. At the peak of my addiction if you offered me 100 Tramadol or $100 in heroin, I’d choose the Tramadol everytime, and knew many others that would do the same. Tramadol is addictive. It it the most addictive drug there is…

  12. I have been talking Tramadol for years. I was just Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and my friend a Nurse said to me that Tramadol causes Prostate cancer and showed me online study of Tramadol and Prostate Cancer. I didn’t know.

    1. Tramadol ruin my life.
      It was diagnosed by Dr. Michael Dukelov,as arthritis pain killer without regulation (
      400 pills a month)
      I continue taking Tramadol for 10 years.
      Tramadol was “controlled “ by Hawaii Pain Doctor
      without any warning.
      Excessive dosis made me try to commit suicide.
      Stopped taking drug ( withdrawals) was worse.
      Eyesight, Ear problem, memory loss,
      Dizziness, sleeping problems and suicidal mood are my life now.
      How can I get help and compensated.
      Please help.
      Do you have any lawyer we can contact?

  13. Tramadol ruin my life.
    It was diagnosed by Dr. Michael Dukelov,as arthritis pain killer without regulation (
    400 pills a month)
    I continue taking Tramadol for 10 years.
    Tramadol was “controlled “ by Hawaii Pain Doctor
    without any warning.
    Excessive dosis made me try to commit suicide.
    Stopped taking drug ( withdrawals) was worse.
    Eyesight, Ear problem, memory loss,
    Dizziness, sleeping problems and suicidal mood are my life now.
    How can I get help and compensated.
    Please help.

    1. I was prescribed Tramadol for pain due to knee problems and after knee replacement. I took it for about a year and I was scared of it so I took it very judiciously. I realized I was taking it to go to sleep even if I didn’t have pain and I was addicted. I cold turkey and spent the 3-4 weeks of total mystery with not being able to sleep. My body would twitch uncontrollably as if I was having a seizure.
      That was 5 years ago and today I still have serious problems sleeping and the involuntary body twitching and anxiety that will keep me awake at night.
      I have gone to several Dr and all of them have told me it isn’t because of Tramadol and is restless leg syndrome which I have been taking a combination requip and Gabapinten at bed time so I can hopefully get some sleep. This works fair but isnt 100%.
      Most days the anxiety I suffer at nights is life paralysis as if I miss my meds after 7:30 pm I will be up all night.
      What bothers me is that this so called harmless drug is being allowed to be prescribed at all. How many more lives will be destroyed before it is stopped.

  14. I lost my mom in 2016 as a result from tramadol her death certificate states she died from this drug pls I want justice for her death

  15. Tramadol killed my career. I become so drugged out I couldn’t function ultimately killing my career. I remember my doctor telling me it was a non addictive synthetic opioid as the reason it’s non addictive.

    He would prescribe 8 per day. I would go to the pharmacy and get these huge bottles of pills. At first it worked great and didn’t use as many as prescribed and had built up a stock pile. One addicted I was out of control.

    I still suffer from chronic pain from failed back surgery and am on Butranz patch which still an opioid, so I’m still not off opioids completely, however my use is under control.

    My residual effects from over use of tramadol; my brain is fried, no longer can I concentrate on anything. The list goes on.

  16. I was prescribed Ultram/Tramadol around 2006. Was told by my doc, who was told by whoever, that it was a non-opioid, non-addictive pain med. 4yrs in I went camping n forgot my pills n had no idea at all what was wrong with me when I started having withdrawals, 16yrs later I’m still an addict. After 5 yrs of being on it the seizures started. They outright lied n my life was/is still ruined. I specifically didn’t want to take anything that was addictive n because of the companies lies here I am. Why have they not been sued yet?

  17. Tramadol and or Ultracet first ruined my kidneys way back some 15 years ago and I was never told that it could be the tramdol 50mg 4x a day now I’m stuck I have only days left to sue kaiser or the drug company is anyone out their that knows of a good Mal prarice attorney or how I should go about this they knew and never told me.

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