Tristar Products LLC, makers of the tricycle, was recently put into a class action lawsuit for failing to provide enough warnings about their product. The problem? It’s not that they knowingly neglected their customers, but rather that they fail to take the time to get it right. In fact, it’s not that they didn’t know about the danger of this product – in fact, on many of their labels, they’ve been referencing safety data since the 1970’s, and they’ve taken the time to correct this information. However, instead of removing this information, which could have helped their sales figures, they choose to put this information on the front of their products, thus enabling more people to be seriously injured.

The details of the Tristar Products lawsuit are actually rather disturbing. There are more than two thousand lawsuits against them alone, and nearly half of those involved in serious injury or death. The reason for this is simple – the company refused to change the design of their tricycles until after the lawsuit began. Further, the company knew about the dangers of their product long before anyone decided to sue them – yet they still continued to sell it. It appears that at no point did they even try to learn the facts that would show that their product was dangerous.

This is why I believe that this case has a strong possibility of winning. The reason that I think this is a strong possibility is because the products defects were never discovered during the manufacture. If there was ever a defect discovered, it certainly would have been discovered during manufacturing. Tristars simply chose to keep this information hidden – and in my estimation, that’s pretty negligent. Additionally, it’s very easy to defeat a lawsuit like this. While the law is very specific regarding the type of defects that need to be declared, most products manufacturers don’t need to worry about this issue – since most defects will eventually be discovered, anyway.

Fortunately, this isn’t your only choice when you’re considering filing a Tristar Products lawsuit. There are actually several other lawsuits that have been lost for the same reason – shoddy workmanship and construction. Even though Tristars makes high quality bikes, it still pays to do your research when looking for parts. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that these bikes tend to suffer from many small mechanical problems, which means that they are often unsafe to ride on. This isn’t their fault, but you should still be aware of what to look for when purchasing a new Tristar bike.

One of the most important things to look for is a Tristar Products lawsuit that involves both negligence and design defects. If you find one of these situations, then you’ve definitely found yourself a winner. The sad fact is that many people are willing to risk their lives and get hurt in order to save a few bucks on parts. If this situation isn’t handled correctly, you may end up having all of your time and money invested in a defective product – instead of saving it for something better.

In the end, it’s definitely in your best interest to take your time when investigating a Tristar Products lawsuit. Don’t jump into things too quickly or you’ll probably end up making a horrible mistake. Take the time to make sure that the Tristar Products lawsuit that you are involved with is legitimate, and you’ll feel much better about your situation. After all, if you don’t have the proper legal advice, you might just end up spending more money than you needed to!

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