Tesla, Inc. is being sued in a class action lawsuit over defective touch screens in its vehicles. The touch screen in these vehicles malfunctions while driving, resulting in many essential features being disabled. The touchscreen is a central component of Tesla vehicles, controlling several functions while driving. Innolux Corporation is the manufacturer of these touchscreens, but they are not covered under warranty. In addition, Tesla has recalled their touchscreens, but the software updates have not been enough to fix the problem.

Class action lawsuit against Tesla dismissed

The plaintiff argued that his touchscreen turned yellow after six months of use. Moreover, he claimed that the warranty was constantly changing and the original warranty was never provided. However, Judge James C. Dever dismissed the class action lawsuit because the plaintiff had failed to state a proper claim under the implied warranty. So, the touchscreen defect allegedly did not arise at the time of purchase. In other words, Sasso did not have the right to file a class action lawsuit against Tesla.

The lawsuit alleged that the touchscreen lacked functionality on certain models, preventing drivers from operating their vehicles as designed. Moreover, the touchscreen failed to function properly at all times, rendering several essential features of the vehicle useless. Tesla was alleged to have failed to address this issue and fix the problem when it was first discovered through warranty claims and consumer complaints. The lawsuit cited several other examples of similar cases.

Innolux Corporation touchscreens are not covered by warranty

Despite being in the same business as Tesla, the company isn’t the only company claiming that Innolux touchscreens are defective and that they’re out of warranty. Innolux is a leading manufacturer of touchscreens, which include the Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3. The company has 14 manufacturing facilities located in Taiwan, China. Its plants range in resolution from 3.5G to 8.6G. Its main centers of R&D and training are in Taiwan. The company’s commitment to humanistic qualities and creating world-class products has set it apart from the crowd.

Software updates are not enough to fix the problem

There are times when you have to reinstall software because it was incompatible with your computer. However, most updates contain security fixes. If you do not install the latest version of the software, it is likely to cause further problems. You can try checking for the latest updates with an anti-malware tool. However, this is not a permanent solution, since some updates may not work properly. Hence, you must check the compatibility of the new version of the software with your computer.

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The recall affects Model S and Model X

Tesla Motors recently agreed to recall more than 140,000 Model S and X SUVs due to a problem with the touchscreen interface. This recall affects the safety features and touchscreen control unit of these vehicles. The NHTSA’s Office of Defects Investigation discovered the problem in 2021 and requested a recall of the 158,000 affected vehicles. This recall was approved by Tesla and has since been followed by numerous other mass recalls.

A recent recall affecting almost 579,000 Model S and Model X cars is one of the largest in the auto industry. The ‘Boombox’ feature of Tesla’s vehicles can obstruct warnings about pedestrians. Tesla says it is not aware of any crashes involving the affected cars but is required to notify owners in writing by July 1, 2022. Affected Tesla cars will receive a free repair kit.

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