If you’re wondering whether the Streamlabs subscription service is a scam, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve discussed OBS Project, Lightstream, and Streamlabs OBS in this article. We’ll also discuss Streamlabs’ subscription model, as well as the implications of overcharging low-income patients. Read on to find out if you’re eligible for a refund.

Streamlabs OBS

The Streamlabs OBS subscription lawsuit has caught the attention of many people online. The company is not only trying to get rid of the name “OBS,” but also is trying to get a better deal for its subscribers. It isn’t surprising that a popular Twitch streamer, Pokimane, is taking this matter to court. He has threatened to stop using Twitch if Streamlabs doesn’t resolve the dispute.

The lawsuit has a history. At the time of the product’s launch, the OBS Project had asked Streamlabs to drop the “OBS” from the name, but the company ignored the request. That resulted in confusion among users, who assumed the two products were related. The company is owned by Logitech, which acquired Streamlabs for $89 million in 2019.


The upcoming Lightstream vs Streamlabs lawsuit could help consumers get refunds or get their subscriptions changed if this is the case. The company’s subscription service, Lightstream, charges monthly fees for subscribers, which is not only annoying for the subscribers but also causes them to incur recurring expenses. However, this lawsuit is unlikely to result in a reversal of the company’s policies.

Streamlabs has come under fire for the material used to launch its Xbox streaming service, and rival Lightstream has accused the company of copying its product. Streamlabs launched a similar service called Streamlabs Studio, which allowed streamers to record and live stream their computer screens. Streamlabs responded by claiming that its website was similar to Lightstream’s, but that the “same” wording was only on the placeholder text.

OBS Project

After the company’s rebranding to OBS Project, the streaming community has been calling for users to switch to another service. They’ve found that canceling paid services is impossible or extremely difficult to do. Additionally, the company had been under public scrutiny before the name change, including criticism from former CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden. The lawsuit is filed against Streamlabs in the US district court in Manhattan.

The lawsuit focuses on a trademark issue, with a claim that Streamlabs has used the term “OBS” for its application. The company claims the OBS trademark is confusing for users, and that its name “disguised” the company from competing offerings. While the company’s name is similar, the difference between the two is largely in the graphical elements. In addition to plagiarism, Streamlabs is being accused of using the OBS name without permission. Support volunteers from both companies have been bombarded with angry customers demanding refunds.


A Streamlabs subscription lawsuit may be a great way to get a refund for your monthly fees. It may also force the company to change its subscription plan since the software automatically renews itself. Many consumers are unhappy with the monthly subscription fees that Streamlabs charges, and this lawsuit may be the perfect way to fight back. Streamlabs is a company that has ripped off thousands of customers.

Streamlabs has dropped “OBS” from its name and apologized for the incident. They also said they accept “full responsibility” for the problem. Unfortunately, it is not clear how much legal action Streamlabs will be able to recover, but the company did state that they have a strong case. However, it is difficult to know what to expect because a case like this can be expensive. Streamlabs is a publicly traded company, and a lawsuit may be prohibitively expensive. OBS is an open-source project, so it relies on donations and volunteer labor to stay afloat. However, public support is always powerful, and a few popular streamers have gotten on board with the story. One of them, Pokimane, has called out Streamlabs, threatening to stop using their Twitch platform

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