The Top 4 Protein Powders False Advertisements Class Action Lawsuit Winners

Athletes say protein powder lacks protein, Rip Off Athletes say protein supplements are dangerous. Why? Well, I’ve always claimed that whey protein is the most effective form of post-workout nutrition, but many athletes think that if a supplement can be mixed with water and drunk during an exercise, then it is safe to consume right before working out. My definition of healthy and safe is that the product should be consumed immediately before working out, unless specifically forbidden by physician’s orders.

Protein is an essential element for building muscle and for repairing muscles after working out. We all know protein is great for us, but there are many different forms of protein powders on the market, including soy protein, egg protein, hydrolyzed whey, casein protein, egg white, fish protein isolate, etc. All protein powders are not created equal. Many are low in quality and may even contain contaminants that can cause negative side effects when used inappropriately. Here is a list of the best protein powders that I have personally tried and which has delivered results consistent with the manufacturer’s claims:

– Genepro Legal Sports Product. In my opinion this is the best protein powder lawsuit option that I have researched so far. It was produced in Canada (according to the instructions included with the product), contains no harmful contaminants, doesn’t contain wheat or gluten and the powder comes in a tasty tasting flavor that is not “old cheese” tasting. The powder has a nice combination of whey and casein protein. One thing that could definitely be improved upon is the color and texture of the powder.

– Reebok Body Market Pro. This protein powder lawsuit entailed me trying several different brands to compare the differences. After trying all four in the store, I decided that Reebok was the best one. It had all the protein that I needed, the flavor was excellent and the price was great! Another excellent protein supplement company in the market that also sports a good reputation in the protein supplements industry is Bio-X.

– Rogue Whey. This was another protein powder lawsuit winner for me. I have tried many other protein powders in the past that didn’t deliver on their promises, so Rogue whey was a pleasant surprise. I liked the taste and the consistency, which were very consistent unlike some of the other protein powders that I have tried. I definitely will be keeping this in my protein collection.

These are just some of the protein powder false advertising class action lawsuit winners that I have reviewed in my investigation. There are many more out there if you do your research. I hope that you learned something from this article. If you are looking for more information on how to spot protein powders that aren’t worth your money, visit my website today. You’ll learn what I consider to be some of the best protein powder values out there today!

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