A medical class action lawsuit is a legal case that involves multiple individuals and can result in millions or even billions of dollars in settlements. Various pharmaceuticals are often the subject of these lawsuits, including Actemra, Byetta, Fluoroquinolones, Paxil, Tasigna, and Viagra. Consumer products can also be the target of a medical class-action lawsuit, including Dial soap and Roundup weed killer.

St. Jude Medical

A recent False Claims Act settlement has settled a St. Jude Medical class-action lawsuit over the faulty devices it sold. According to the lawsuit, the company sold defective heart devices to health care facilities and implanted them into patients insured through federal health programs. The company was purchased by Abbott Laboratories in January 2017.

Marriott Hotels

The European Union has made it possible for consumers to file a class-action lawsuit against companies that violate their data privacy rights. The law, the General Data Protection Regulation, enshrines the right of European citizens to seek damages against companies that mishandle their personal information. Under the GDPR, businesses must take reasonable steps to ensure that their customers’ data remains safe. By default, this means that they must provide a secure platform to allow customers to access their data.


A Yahoo medical class action lawsuit has been filed in California by several people who suffered the same type of injury as members of the Yahoo medical network. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of these individuals and was successful because of several unique features. The settlement is significant, but this doesn’t mean that many other companies will be sued. Yahoo has pleaded guilty to the charges and has paid a substantial settlement to the plaintiffs. If you were affected by this type of injury, you may want to file a lawsuit against Yahoo and get credit monitoring as well.


In a recent settlement, Equifax agreed to pay $671 million to settle class-action lawsuits. The settlement is subject to six months of court approval. It will also create a $425 million consumer restitution fund to cover the cost of credit monitoring from all three bureaus and out-of-pocket expenses relating to the breach. Attorneys for both Equifax and its consumers will likely put in hundreds of thousands of hours pursuing the case.


An Actos medical class action lawsuit has been filed in the U.S. under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO Act), a federal law created to combat organized crime. The lawsuit seeks to hold the drugmaker liable for the dangerous side effects of Actos. In addition to Actos users nationwide, the lawsuit includes consumer classes in five states, including California, Missouri, New Jersey, Florida, and Massachusetts.

DePuy ASR hip replacement MDL settlement

If you have a defective hip, you might be eligible to file a DePuy ASR hip replacement lawsuit. This lawsuit is based on more than 10,000 cases filed against the DePuy company. These cases allege that DePuy failed to warn patients of the risks associated with their hip replacements and hid the risks in their marketing material. A DePuy hip replacement may not be as durable as a plastic or ceramic implant.


The company that made the ADHD drug Adderall has settled several cases for more than $2 billion in the United States. Those who were victims of the company’s deceit have the right to file a lawsuit against the company. A jury ordered the company to pay over $22 million in damages to patients, and the Takeda settlement includes seven out of the nine cases that were previously tried. The deal represents one of the largest Big Pharma settlements in U.S. history.

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