Several current and past Grand Canyon University students are filing lawsuits against the school over their treatment at the hands of sexual predators. The site is intended to give information on these lawsuits as well as to provide resources and guidance for anyone who was hurt by such activities. These lawsuits are being done in an effort to hold the institution accountable over its actions and omissions. The suit also claims that the Grand Canyon University has a “zero tolerance policy” for such behaviors.

Two lawsuits are being filed against the Grand Canyon University, charging it with negligence in teaching students about sexual harassment and physical violence. According to the suits, the Grand Canyon University “erred” in allowing its online degree program to accept students who did not meet its minimum educational requirements. Further, according to the lawsuits, the school failed to properly train its employees in dealing with situations that could involve sexual harassment or violence. When one of the plaintiffs was raped by one of its employees, the suit claims that the defendant failed to take any measures to prevent this from happening.

Another lawsuit is being filed against the Grand Canyon University, which involves an employee who was fired after he told his supervisor that he was being sexually harassed. According to the lawsuit, the defendant’s supervisor responded by telling him that if he continued to complain about the harassment, he would be “dismissed,” which caused the employee to quit his job. Subsequently, the defendant did not allow the plaintiff to enroll in the online degree program that he had signed up for, and instead forced him to enroll in a standard Geography class.

In a separate lawsuit, another former employee of the Grand Canyon University was similarly harassed by its president. After she complained to the president about this conduct, the lawsuit claims that the president told her that if she didn’t quit her job, she would be terminated. Subsequently, the lawsuit says that the plaintiff received numerous emails from the president informing her that her position was being eliminated, and that she should begin work at a competitor. Subsequently, the lawsuit continues, she was discharged from her position, and later signed a lawsuit against the Grand Canyon University that seeks damages for her unfair firing. This suit also claims that the defendant violated the Fair Labor Standards Act and is guilty of firing her in violation of its Title VII.

These are only two of the Grand Canyon University class action lawsuit plaintiffs have been able to obtain. Other plaintiffs include current and retired students, as well as parents of college students. Many of these cases deal with the defendant’s failure to make required accommodations for disabled individuals who would like to pursue educational opportunities on its campus. Furthermore, some of these cases are being pursued on behalf of persons who suffered injuries while at the hands of the defendant.

There are a number of class action lawsuit plaintiffs in the United States currently. There are currently two cases currently before the courts that have been able to resolve. One case involves an individual who suffered serious injuries when his home was flooded due to a leak from a dam. He is asking for damages on behalf of all individuals who were affected by the flooding, as well as any other losses he may have incurred due to the flooding. The second case involves an individual suing his former employer, alleging that he was discriminated against when he applied for a promotion to a position previously held by him at another company, and was subsequently fired after submitting the lawsuit.

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  1. I am nine year PhD student who withdrew from the PhD program during my last allowable class. I had 6 different chairs during my 9 years making it impossible to finish on time. Let me know if you are interested in representing me.

  2. I am nine year EdD student who was withdrawn from the EdD program. I asked to take one more continuation course and was denied. I had Covid in 2020 and schools shut down making it impossible to finish on time. Let me know if you are interested in representing me.

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