As the District Attorney of Marin County, Lori Frugoli focuses on preventing crime and promoting public safety. With her extensive experience in prosecuting serious crimes, she maintains a strong commitment to protecting the rights of victims and offenders, as well as protecting consumers. She is also committed to public engagement, having held a forum on gun safety to educate the public about the responsibilities of a District Attorney. Whether you are a resident of Marin or looking to relocate, a DA can assist you with your legal needs.

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In the role of District Attorney, Lori Frugoli is dedicated to protecting the public and promoting public safety.

In high school, she participated in the law enforcement ride-a-long program, and later volunteered as a Police Cadet and Reserve Police Officer with the San Rafael Police Department. Upon graduation, she became a police officer, and in her previous job as a meter maid, she worked as a deputy at the Marin County Sheriff’s Department. Her background in law enforcement is particularly valuable, as she earned her Juris Doctorate at Golden Gate University. As a public prosecutor, she has prosecuted more than 100 jury trials.

The District Attorney’s Office is an independent government department in Marin County. Its mission is to protect the public by preventing crime, protecting consumers, and assisting victims. The office works closely with local law enforcement, as well as other departments within the county. The office has six divisions: criminal, juvenile, inspector, targeted prosecution, and law and motion. It also has a victim-witness assistance program. There is a wide range of services provided by the office, and the District Attorney’s Office is committed to providing effective services.

The District Attorney’s Office is an integral part of the local government.

It provides prosecution and protection services through the criminal, inspector, and juvenile justice systems. It is a multifaceted office with several specialized teams. Furthermore, the District Attorney’s Office has a commitment to victim rights and consumer protection. It works to protect the community by engaging with residents and the media. By virtue of Government Code Section 26500, the District Associate is called a Public Prosecutor.

As the District Attorney of Marin County, Lori Frugoli has been a lifelong resident of the area. She is committed to public safety. In her youth, she participated in a Law Enforcement Ride-a-Long program and volunteered to be a police officer at the San Rafael Police Department. Her education includes a degree in law from the College of Marin, which she also attended. She has a passion for fighting crime.

In addition to prosecuting criminal cases, the District Attorney also advocates for the rights of victims and the rights of offender.

The public prosecutor is an essential part of the legal system and the District Attorney’s office is responsible for implementing the law. She has an extensive background in public safety and a passion for ensuring that all citizens are safe. A lifelong resident, Frugoli has a strong commitment to public safety.

Lori Frugoli has been a lifelong resident of Marin County. She has a commitment to public safety. During her high school years, she participated in a Law Enforcement Ride-a-Long program. After graduating from college, she volunteered as a police cadet and reserve police officer at the San Rafael Police Department. In addition to her career, she is a member of the Marin Community College, where she received her law degree.

The Marin County District Attorney is a government department that serves the community.

It provides legal protection and prosecution services. The district attorney attends the court and initiates criminal prosecutions. The office also provides victim-witness assistance services. Moreover, the District Attorney works with law enforcement agencies to enforce the law in Marin County. And in addition to being the District Lawyer, she also works with other local government departments. While serving the public, the district attorney is committed to protecting the rights of citizens.

The District Attorney of Marin County is a government department that serves the public and ensures the safety of the community. The District Attorney is tasked with prosecuting criminal cases and assists law enforcement agencies. The district attorney is also involved in training local law enforcement officers. The Domestic Violence unit is a vital element of the community and helps make it safer for the entire community. The office is dedicated to preventing and resolving domestic violence.

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