The XLM line of outdoor decking manufactured by TimberTech is the subject of a lawsuit alleging discoloration and other defects. The company markets this line of decking as low maintenance and long-lasting, but complaints allege that it is susceptible to deterioration, particularly in rain. While TimberTech did not conduct sufficient testing before selling its products, it should have known that PVC decking was subject to color deterioration. Some consumers have reported that their decking has failed from the first day of use.

XLM decking discoloration

A new class action lawsuit alleges that the XLM decking range from TimberTech is defective. The company sold the decking in “desert bronze,” “harvest bronze,” and “twin finish” colors. The discoloration of these colors became apparent over time, and plaintiffs say they had to replace the decking because it no longer looked like new. The lawsuit seeks damages to cover the cost of repairing or replacing the deteriorated decking.

XLM Mountain Cedar

A recent lawsuit alleges that TimberTech’s XLM Mountain Cedar decking can fade, discolor, and blacken when exposed to sunlight and rain. Defendants in TimberTech’s lawsuit have denied that they knew of any defect when they sold the products, and have fought the suit ever since. Plaintiffs assert several claims against the defendants. Read on to learn about these and other issues raised by the lawsuit.

XLM Desert Bronze

A class action lawsuit against TimberTech alleges that their XLM Desert Bronze and Mountain Cedar decking has flaws, resulting in discoloration and other problems. Plaintiffs say that TimberTech did not adequately fix these issues or improve their warranty procedures. In response to this lawsuit, TimberTech has agreed to settle the claims. The settlement covers fading and scorching defects and excludes color variations caused by normal weathering, dirt, algae, and other conditions.

XLM PVC decking

A class action lawsuit has been filed against TimberTech over problems with its XLM line of outdoor decking. The XLM line was sold in “desert bronze,” “harvest bronze” and “twin finish.” Owners of the decking have complained about discoloration and fading and are seeking compensation from TimberTech. While the lawsuit claims that TimberTech failed to adequately test the decking, it is unclear whether this is true.

XLM PVC decking blister

In a recent class-action lawsuit, the plaintiffs are seeking compensation from TimberTech for the failure of XLM PVC outdoor decking. This line of decking was sold in “desert bronze,” “harvest bronze,” and “twin finish” colors. These colors are susceptible to blistering, scorching, fading, and other problems, and owners may be eligible to receive compensation for the costs associated with repairs.

XLM PVC decking deterioration

A TimberTech XLM PVC decking lawsuit alleges the manufacturer of the XLM line failed to provide a warranty. The plaintiffs’ claim focuses on a supposed defect in the XLM decking, which is subject to fading and discoloration. The product’s express warranty specifically excludes coverage for those effects. The manufacturer does not deny the alleged defects.

XLM PVC decking mold

An XLM PVC decking mold lawsuit is an example of a class-action claim brought against a manufacturer. The plaintiffs allege that the XLM decking they purchased is defective, prone to discoloration and fading, and a breach of express warranty is the result. While the manufacturer may be defending itself in this case, the case is unlikely to succeed on its merits.

XLM PVC decking warped

The first time you notice your TimberTech XLM PVC decking, you may wonder if the warped boards are caused by the product or the weather itself. Unlike wood, PVC decking is 100% polymer and contains no wood particles. This means it is incredibly durable and virtually maintenance-free. In addition to being lightweight, PVC decking has better traction when wet.

XLM PVC decking releases oily residue

If you’re looking for a decking material that doesn’t release oily residue, you’ve come to the right place. AZEK Building Products is a leading manufacturer of premium exterior PVC decking, and they have just expanded their line to include XLM PVC decking in RiverRock finish. This decking material has a flat-grain finish that blends seamlessly into its surroundings.

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  1. I have much to offer on this issue. In 2013 timbertech replaced my deck with harvest bronze saying they taken care of all defects and no issues. My deck is severely faded again and no harsh chemicals were ever used on it . Timbertech would like my 80 year old husband to climb 15 feet in the air and take pictures. I sent them pictures of decking but they said they need it to be 10 to 15 feet above the deck. This is horrific

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