Among the many Chinese dramas set in the US are the ones about divorce lawyers. Whether you’re a fan of Wu Wen Hui or Luo Li, you’ve probably wondered who plays the role of divorce lawyers. Let us look at some of the most memorable characters in these films. Listed below are some of them. If you don’t know them, try to look them up on Google.

Luo Li

The new drama about the two divorce lawyers, Hai Dong and Luo Li, is a remake of the famous Golden Bachelor. Based on the popular American TV show, the story follows two divorce lawyers, Hai Dong and Luo Li. Their cases are about a cheating spouse and a married couple. The divorce lawyers are the heroes of the story and play key roles in the plot. The story revolves around these two characters’ personal and professional lives.

Luo Li’s mother is depressed and thinks that her husband may be suffering from a serious illness and needs a second doctor’s examination. She pitches the idea to Hai Dong, who agrees. In the end, Luo Li reveals that she no longer holds any grudges against Hai Dong and agrees to help the couple. This is one of the most important parts of the drama.

Xiao Gang

“Xiao Gang Divorce Lawyers” is a Chinese drama that follows the divorce case of Hai Dong. In this episode, the Xiao Gang divorce lawyer has a very private client. She is planning to divorce her famous writer husband. Her husband doesn’t love her anymore and doesn’t seem to care about her career. Xiao Gang is determined to save her, but the case is far from over.

The Xiao-Gang Divorce Lawyers series centers on the story of a famous divorce lawyer who loses a lawsuit to a bright young woman. As the two divorce lawyers fight over the same client, their rivalry grows even stronger. But their relationship develops into something much more than just a divorce case. The Xiao-Gang Divorce Lawyers series is one of the most popular Chinese dramas.

Wu Wen Hui

Chinese television viewers are watching a new TV drama, Wu Wen Hui’s Divorce Lawyer, and it’s a success! The drama, which was broadcast for 1.5 billion times on Tencent, features the life and work of divorce lawyers and has become a hot topic online. Topics about the show have been read nearly 47 million times on Sina Weibo. The show stars several well-known actors. It’s directed by Yang Wenjun and written by Chen Tong.

Luo Li is a brilliant divorce lawyer who exudes loads of charm. Despite her sharp tongue and temper, Luo Li has no trouble relating to her client’s case, and she’s quick to point this out. Even when she leaves her boyfriend’s law firm to focus on the case at hand, she doesn’t lose one thing about him – her charisma! She’s able to handle the toughest cases by relying on her talent and savvy.

Mei Yu

In Mei-Yu divorce lawyers, Mei-Yu and her ex-husband CHI HAI DONG go head-to-head in a courtroom battle for custody of their daughter. While fighting for custody, Mei Yu falls in love with Hai Dong’s new wife. However, a shocking twist follows. As her ex-husband tries to win back her daughter, she begins to question her loyalty. The story of Mei-Yu and Xiao-Gang continues to play out in the following episodes.

Shi Hai Dong filed for divorce because his vision of marriage and family conflicted with reality. He believes his wife should be responsible for keeping his home clean and organized. She should know how to spend his money. But, she is not the type of woman he can live without. And she’s a woman who likes to be independent, which explains why she filed for divorce. But, Shi Hai Dong isn’t happy with his wife’s decision.

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