It’s not often that you hear about a purina class action lawsuit. That’s because the company is a big player in the canned tuna industry. They also happen to be one of the most successful companies in the canned tuna industry. They have been able to build a good reputation and a strong financial footing, all on the back of their amazing tuna catching and processing skills. Now they want to bring these talents to their home delivery market, and that is where the lawsuit is coming from. This is just the tip of the iceberg though.

One of the things that is being filed against purina is the use of ingredients in their dog treats. It seems that they are trying to get into the act of making changes so that they can be able to come up with better tasting food. There are also concerns that some of their food may not be cooked correctly or that the level of salt and other chemicals used in the processing might be too high. Many people are concerned about the high levels of sodium, that are in their dog treats. There have even been questions raised as to whether or not the preservatives used in the manufacturing process are safe for humans to consume.

So far, the answer to those questions is yes. This company is being sued by three separate groups over their use of chemicals in the production of their canned tuna. The first of those groups is suing over their use of a chemical called BHA, or Butylated Hydroxy Acid. BHA is what makes the pink color in canned tuna come from.

The second group is suing over their use of BHA, which is known to be dangerous to humans. It is well-known for causing neurological problems, headaches, dizziness, depression and even cardiac arrhythmia in users over long periods of use. The third group is suing because their dogs became ill in large numbers after consuming Purina canned tuna. In all, this class action lawsuit claims that Purina grossly violated the Federal Meat Inspection Act and did not appropriately regulate the use of BHA when it was used in their tuna products. These plaintiffs are seeking monetary compensation for the ill pets as well as any financial losses due to the illegal fishing practices that went on at the plant.

The plaintiffs in these cases are asking for a substantial amount of compensation for the suffering that their dogs went through, as well as for any medical expenses that resulted from their injuries. They also want to be compensated for the costs they incurred trying to put the lawsuits together and for the financial losses they suffered due to the illegal fishing practices. The company has denied all of the class action lawsuit claims, saying that the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of BHA for canned tuna. The FDA has also stated that since the no claims option was included in the tuna plan, the company is not responsible for compensating consumers for claims that were outside of the plan.

The manufacturer is being represented by an attorney who is an attorney at the Animal Legal Center in Seattle. Lawyers at this firm have had very successful cases for people who have been wronged by the pet food industry before. They have handled numerous class action lawsuit claims against various manufacturers of dog food products. These lawyers are also familiar with the Food Safety Modernization Act as well as the Toxic Control Act. They will be representing the plaintiffs in the PETA lawsuit as well.

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