Sep 8, 2021

Bank of America Mortgage Modification Class Action Lawsuit

If you have fallen behind in your payments on your Bank of America mortgage, you know you must seek relief from Bank of America. You can begin your journey to receiving your mortgage modification class action lawsuit number by filling out the online application. After submitting your application you will be notified if you qualify for this lawsuit. It is important that you submit your application early so that you will have enough time to get a lawsuit started and it will allow you to receive a quicker response from Bank of America. If you apply now, you will be one step closer to obtaining the help you need from Bank of America and getting back on track with your finances.

Bank of America has decided to partake in government programs in an effort to prevent foreclosures from occurring in their portfolio. This class action lawsuit is being handled by a law firm in Washington D.C. The goal is to insure that all of the modification requests they are receiving are handled properly so that they can proceed with the foreclosure process. Foreclosure prevention is the primary goal of Bank of America and any company who are involved in this process.

It is not known when Bank of America plans to begin their participation in the Bank of America mortgage modification class action lawsuit program. Some reports state that they plan on joining the program within the next ninety days, while other reports state that they are currently under investigation. No matter what the current status of this program remains unknown, it is imperative that all homeowners that were affected by the original loan workout process submit their foreclosure prevention forms and paperwork to Bank of America. The more homeowners that do so the better off their chances are of having their mortgage modifications approved.

To receive your mortgage modification class action lawsuit you must send a completed application to Bank of America together with the required documents by the due date. You will be provided with detailed instructions as to how to complete the forms and submit them along with the required documentation by the applicable deadline. The application should also include an itemized list of all financial hardships that you face as a result of your financial situation. This is used to demonstrate to Bank of America that you are truly trying to make amends for your mistakes and commit to future payments.

If you feel that Bank of America has not met all of their requirements to receive a Bank of America modification class action lawsuit, it is important that you proceed with filing the lawsuit. You cannot continue to wait for the modification approval to go through before taking the steps necessary to obtain a modification on your home. Bank of America has forty days in which to respond to your request for a modification of your mortgage terms. If they are unwilling to work with you and provide a modified home loan agreement, you have the right to file a Bank of America mortgage modification class action lawsuit against Bank of America.

In addition to providing details on when you should begin your search for a Bank of America modification class action lawsuit, you will also be given resources and information to utilize in your fight for financial relief. You may want to contact a consumer lawyer, accountant or a tax expert to assist you in preparing your case. If your state bar association should be of assistance in this matter as well. These professionals will be able to help guide you in the preparation and filing of your documents. They will also be able to supply you with any other information that pertains to your specific case.

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