Unfortunately, road accidents have become too common in the United States, with reports indicating that millions of people are injured from road accidents every year. Most of these accidents result from a driver’s error or negligence.

However, there are circumstances where the driver is not at fault. Even the most cautious drivers can be put at risk by a road’s conditions.

A study conducted by NHSA determined that environmental factors, including dangerous road conditions, caused over 52,000 accidents on U.S. roadways.

What are the common types of hazardous roadway conditions?

Several factors can contribute to dangerous road conditions. Most of these conditions result from faulty road design and construction and defective maintenance. Poorly designed roads create confusion among the drivers and road users, which eventually lead to accidents.

The result of using substandard construction materials or failing to adhere to appropriate road construction plans is a poor and unsafe road that may lead to accidents.

Also, constructed roads need to be constantly maintained to prevent their condition from deteriorating. Defective maintenance results in lowered visibility of road markings, potholes, and faulty traffic control lights and other road signs

Some examples of hazardous road conditions are as follows:

  • Visual obstructions and malfunctioning traffic signals
  • Dangerous slopes, curves, and dips in the road layout
  • Improper road grading and drainage system
  • Missing or broken guardrails.
  • Short entrance and exit ramps on a road

Who is at fault in case of a road condition accident?

The government entities or agencies are tasked with designing, constructing, and maintaining the roads under their jurisdiction. Traffic accidents are the outcome when they fail in their duties, and therefore, they should be blamed for injuries and damages that result from these accidents.

You, as the victim, are entitled to compensation from the government. However, you must first prove that the poor road conditions were the leading cause of the accident.

Filing a personal injury claim

It is highly recommended to immediately seek the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer after a road condition accident. This is because you may not be familiar with the statute of limitations in the state where the accident has happened. You may also be critically injured and unable to collect the necessary evidence to file a claim.

It is best to act quickly to collect all evidence to demonstrate that dangerous road conditions caused the accident before being corrected or altered by the government entity responsible

Therefore, if you are a casualty of a dangerous road condition accident in Mesquite, it is wise to seek legal advice from Mesquite TX dangerous road conditions accident lawyers, who have vast experience in handling such cases. The seasoned lawyers will help you gather all crucial information to support your claim.

These include taking pictures of the road, the car’s skid marks, the accident report from the police, and witness testimonies. The attorney will also take care of any paperwork the government entity requires and negotiate on your behalf for fair compensation.


If you are a casualty of a dangerous road conditions accident, you are entitled to compensation for the injuries and damage caused. Filing a personal injury claim against a government entity can be very challenging and may result in an unfair settlement or no settlement at all. You need a local seasoned lawyer who can obtain results by holding government agencies accountable.

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