Has anyone ever had Zoloft during pregnancy? What were the symptoms? Zoloft is a commonly used drug that is often prescribed for pregnant women. Often, your physician has prescribed it, many times, before any prescription medicine has even reached your abdomen. But, some drugs have more problematic side effects than others.

Zoloft During Pregnancy Lawsuit

One of the main problems with Zoloft is that it causes an adverse effect known as “serotonin syndrome”, which can affect not only the babies but their mothers as well. It causes a number of symptoms, including restlessness, irritability, depression, anxiety, and potential problems with premature delivery.

This particular case involved a woman whose baby was born prematurely and who later developed severe depression. The mother later filed a lawsuit against her doctor for causing the depression, as well as other issues with her pregnancy.

There are also other Zoloft lawsuits that involve infants and babies.

For example, one lawsuit involves a New York woman who was diagnosed with preterm labor due to premature birth. She was prescribed Zoloft during pregnancy and was later diagnosed with low birth weight, and defects.

She later sued her doctor and was awarded $2 million in damages.

Her attorney, Robert Himmelberg, claimed that the drug caused her to develop various heart defects. According to various reports, Zoloft can cause congenital heart defects, and it can also cause premature labor. Another plaintiff in a Zoloft lawsuit had similar problems with her newborn. She lost the suit, however, because of the statute of limitations on wrongful death suits.

There are other Zoloft lawsuits that focus on things like suicidal thoughts or attempts.

These plaintiffs argue that the drug caused them to suffer from depression disorders, as well as anxiety disorders. In one case, a woman was pregnant, and she took the medication, but she later committed suicide.

There is one more Zoloft lawsuit, this time involving an infant.

The infant was suffering from depression, and his parents took him to a doctor, who put the child on Zoloft. After a few months, the parents noticed that the child was not acting the way he used to. They took him off of the medication, and he has been doing well ever since. The parents are filing a claim against the manufacturer of the antidepressant, on the grounds that the drug caused their child to develop depression instead of helping him to grow and develop normally.

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