If you’ve been on the lookout for a provigil class action lawsuit, then hopefully this article will interest you. The case revolves around the drug Sephren and its potential side effects on unborn children. It’s also known as the “morning after pill”. As you might already know, this drug is used to treat women who have had multiple pregnancies, and is approved by the FDA for use in the treatment of morning sickness. However, the drug has also been approved by the FDA for use in the treatment of septal defects.

According to the complaint, an employee of Avon-maker Mentor Graphics was working at their headquarters when he became accidentally drugged and lost consciousness during a drug test. Once he regained consciousness, he later explained that he had two major congenital malformations that occurred during the second trimester of his pregnancy. He further explained that as a result of this accident, he suffered from severe back pain throughout his pregnancy, which made it impossible for him to work. He ultimately gave up his job and sought a settlement from Mentor Graphics to be compensated for his pain and suffering.

According to the complaint, as a direct result of this accident, the employer was aware that its drug was unsafe for pregnant women to use. Yet, despite this information, they did not inform male employees that they could be using the drug during their pregnancies, allowing them to remain on the job while exposing their male and female employees to the risks of major congenital malformations and birth defects. Additionally, male employees were not informed that the drug was unsafe for use by women to be on the birth control pill during their pregnancy.

It should be noted that these drugs are also used to treat enlarged prostates. An employee who has been on provigil for eighteen months is protected by the Federal Employers Liability Act from claims regarding pregnancy-related or birth defects caused by the drug’s use during the pregnancy. However, the complaint further states that the long term health effects of the drug are not limited to the treatment of enlarged prostates. In fact, many of the negative side effects have been linked to the drug’s use, including heart attacks, strokes, and autoimmune disorders.

The class action lawsuit further claims that as a direct result of using provigil, a number of male employees developed serious sleep disorder conditions, including narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, and extreme sleep apnea. The lawsuit further contends that since provigil was not properly tested before being sold to retailers, it has become a potential carcinogen. The lawsuit further claims that the risk of developing various birth defects and the long term health risks associated with using provigil should have been investigated prior to its sale to retailers. Further claims have been made regarding the lack of safety studies on provigil. For additional information regarding the lawsuit and whether you may qualify to join, contact a provigil attorney.

The manufacturer, Teva Pharmaceuticals, is currently facing a Class Action Lawsuit in the State of New York concerning their role in a dangerous prescription drug. A recent investigation by the New York Times uncovered several major safety concerns related to the drug called provigil. As a result of these reports, thousands of women across the country are suffering from serious birth defects as a result of using the illegal drug called provigil.

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