Modafinil Cause Congestion

Recently, I saw a presentation by Dr. Mark W. Ziemba called “Proven Chemical Induced Sexual Addiction and Implications for Mothers,” which was provided at a Proven Class Action Lawsuit Auction. In this presentation, Ziemba discusses the effects of lead, mercury and other chemical contaminants during pregnancy and lists the names of medications that have been proven to cause such defects. He also talks about the dangerous side effects of birth defects on unborn children, and how drug manufacturers are aware of these facts and do nothing to warn women. As a Birth Injury attorney, I found some information to be disturbing.

He also brought up the idea of exposing newborns to benzoin during the pregnancy, stating that it has been proven that exposure causes birth defects. There is a pending lawsuit against Teva Pharmaceuticals, where a woman filed suit claiming her newborn son suffered from birth defects caused by benzoyl peroxide and other common preservatives. One of the more popular drugs used during pregnancy is danazol peroxide, also known as benzoin. It is an antiperspirant. While we don’t know if the effects of the said drug will prove to be detrimental to your baby, the concept of exposing unborn children to said substance raises serious questions. Why would any company in their right mind allow the use of such a product during pregnancy when there are safe alternatives?

The most alarming thing I heard was that a pediatrician from an accredited hospital stated that using vigil use could potentially lead to birth defects. The doctor is not a specialist in the treatment of birth defects, so I asked him why he had made that statement. He did not return my call requesting further information. The very next day, the hospital director stated that the doctor was incorrect and that there had been no connection between vigil use and birth defects.

Now, let’s look at this another way. The only connection I was able to find between using teva and birth defects was when mothers who used non-prescription bras while pregnant developed vaginal and cervical cancer. As crazy as it sounds, the link between the two seems to be direct. The manufacturing companies know women want to stay away from teva while pregnant because of the possibility of developing breast and ovarian cancer, and so they added the chemical benzoin to their products in an effort to counteract said problem.

There is a much bigger problem here, however, than the possibility of causing birth defects when women use non-prescription bras. What I’m talking about is the fact that babies exposed to benzoyl peroxide while in the womb develop severe eczema and major congenital malformations at some point in their lives. No one is really sure how long they must go without breathing air to achieve full lung capacity, but many babies spend months inside their wombs before they’re ready to come out. Many of them never come out. This is particularly true of premature babies, whose skin and hair are much more sensitive to the toxic effects of benzoyl peroxide than normal babies are.

While I haven’t seen any studies comparing long-term exposure to modafinil with the effects of drinking and smoking on the development of the baby, I’d say the situation is pretty bad. There is no real reason to believe that taking a prescription medication in order to get pregnant will not cause major congenital malformations in later years, or cause premature death in infants. As the problem of premature birth becomes a major health concern for the whole world, companies are scrambling to come up with safer alternatives for pregnant women. One such solution could very well be provigil. Hopefully we’ll see something like it on the market in the next few years. If not, moms of the stars can start making good money by joining the teva pregnancy registry.

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