New Drug Class Action Lawsuit

The diabetes medication metformin has its share of controversies. The drug has been under scrutiny for quite some time now. Recently, there have been several articles written on this topic and they all essentially state the same thing; that the Diabetes Drug, metformin is definitely safe as a type 2 diabetes medication. However, many of these articles do not mention the fact that the studies that have been done on the effects of metformin on human beings were with very small samples and at different institutions. This is the reason why we are still unsure if the metformin class action lawsuit 2017 will really hold up in Canada.

This is such a big case that it already made a name for itself as the top class action pharmaceutical drug lawsuits. There are also several other similar lawsuits that have been filed recently. The reason why this type of diabetes medication is so controversial is because there are too many testimonies from people who claim that this type of diabetes medication has caused them physical problems such as blindness, kidney failure, and even nerve damage. Many have also claimed that metformin has caused them to suffer from memory loss and also to feel fatigued all the time.

The new class action lawsuit is said to be filed by a Canadian lawyer who is based in Vancouver. This lawsuit claims that the Canadian drug manufacturers did not conduct any tests on the effects of metformin on humans before introducing it into the market. The lawyers are filing the lawsuit on behalf of a woman who is suffering from diabetes. The woman is also the main caretaker of her grandchildren.

The lawyer is claiming that the drug manufacturers did not conduct the proper studies before introducing it into the market and only tested on animals. They also did not test on pregnant or nursing mothers and only studied those who have neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and vitamin D intoxication. The results were found to be shocking and alarming. This new type of diabetes medication can cause a lot of problems for those with neurodegenerative diseases and other types of diabetes.

The plaintiff is asking that they receive compensation for the suffering caused by their own negligence on introducing a new type of diabetes medication into the market which was found to be potentially dangerous and even life threatening. The main problem with the combination drug canagliflozin and glucomannan is that it can lead to the formation of an invisible thread that leads to the nerve damage and the accumulation of the protein sulfated polysaccharides called S-ducts in the bloodstream. What happens is that the S-ducts starts attaching to the cells in the blood stream which starts causing severe damage to these cells.

The company that introduced the said drug metformin has also made a settlement offer to the plaintiffs to settle the lawsuit. However, the company is not yet releasing the amount that they are being sued for, but they have released a statement saying that they will be conducting surveys on the effects of metformin on diabetic ketoacidosis in the future. These studies are still in the very early stages, so we will have to wait and see what the results are. In the meantime, we are happy that there is a lawsuit and that there is compensation being done for the suffering caused by diabetic ketoacidosis.

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