Lawsuit by J&J; Concerned about health issues related to their toothpaste called Levaquin? Concerned about lawsuits against J&J and similar brands? Contact a qualified personal injury attorney who can help you file your lawsuit. It is in your best interest, when experiencing health issues, to seek proper legal counsel to ensure that your rights are protected and that your case is resolved appropriately.

A Levaquin lawsuit occurs when a Levaquin consumer submits a safety or health claim and receives approval from J&J claiming that Levaquin causes “neoplastic or adverse reactions.” Levaquin is an over the counter decongestant intended for temporarily relieving swollen gums and oral discomfort associated with periodontal disease. In recent years, however, Levaquin has been linked to serious health issues including death and Levaquin side effects lawsuits have been filed in numerous states, claiming Levaquin’s use resulted in substantial harm and death to many Levaquin users. Because of these serious concerns, Levaquin and its distributor have been asked to settle lawsuits regarding Levaquin side effects.

In this current litigation, J&J has contracted with the law firm of Morrilton & Whitfield to represent plaintiffs in the above-mentioned lawsuit. Plaintiffs in this case include Rene E. Whitfield, wife of the late William E. Whitfield, who was the founder of Whitfield Realty Company which operates under the umbrella of the Equity Trust. The Whitfield estate is represented by the law firm of Morrilton & Whitfield. Another plaintiff is John D. Young, a former Levaquin sales representative who was working for J&J at the time of the incidents. Mr. Young sustained serious injuries and has since lost his ability to perform the tasks of his position. This is a Levaquin side effects lawsuit that has also been settled.

A second lawsuit is in the making and another plaintiff is seeking monetary compensation as well. This lawsuit is being handled by the law firm of Wilson, Hall and Huff. This lawsuit involves an individual who suffered from severe injuries when Levaquin was used without his consent. This claim is related to the second lawsuit, which is focused on Levaquin’s use of an unapproved tendon remedy. An additional plaintiff is seeking monetary damages as well from J&J because they have not signed an appropriate release form.

Levaquin is marketed as a muscle relaxant and muscle building ingredient. Levaquin is not intended to treat any medical condition and it is not a cure-all. Levaquin is known to cause serious side effects including tendon rupture. This happens when Levaquin binds with the tendon sheath of the patient. There have also been several cases in which Levaquin users have experienced hearing loss, vomiting and serious stomach pain.

Some experts opine that the main reason why Levaquin causes such serious side effects is that the FDA has not approved the ingredient for medical use. The Food and Drug Administration has not approved Levaquin as a prescription medication and that is the main reason why thousands of Levaquin lawsuit plaintiffs are asking for compensation from J&J Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Levaquin. A legal expert in this case has stated, “The FDA has known about Levaquin’s side effects for years and has never approved it for medicinal use despite knowing about its ill effects. In fact, the FDA repeatedly moved to ban or block Levaquin’s sales because it was a threat to the drug industry.” The legal expert is seeking justice for all the Levaquin victims who are asking for financial compensation for the injuries they sustained as a result of Levaquin’s negligence. For more information on filing a lawsuit against J&J Pharmaceuticals and Levaquin click the following link.

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