At the time of writing (January 2021), there are twenty states in the United States in which the plaintiff’s attorney may select from a menu of lawsuit templates to build a lawsuit from. These states include Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. Out of this twenty-one states, there are only six states in which the plaintiff’s attorney may choose from a menu of lawsuit templates to construct a lawsuit from. In these states, the attorneys may select from a menu of either a “limited liability” lawsuit or a “no fault” lawsuit. Also, if the plaintiff elects to file a “contributory negligence” lawsuit instead of a “fault” lawsuit, then the “contributory negligence” lawsuit must be filed within three years of the date of the defendant’s injury.

Now, let us consider a second set of plaintiffs. In these states the lawsuit centers have adopted a version of the “1-piece chrome” design. The front cover of these lawsuits is typically a plain colored photograph. However, on the back cover of these lawsuits, there are typically a few additional graphics. (e.g., a car sticker, the logo of the car brand in large black font). On the interior side, there are usually two or three rows of text in a relatively narrow font, with the photographs often placed in large bold print at the top or bottom of the text.

In these states, if the plaintiff chooses to file a “contributory negligence” lawsuit instead of a “fault” lawsuit, then the automobile manufacturer, under the rules of the “1-piece chrome” design, is required to provide, at no extra cost, a personal statement by a qualified medical practitioner stating that the vehicle’s wheels feature a design that does not cause debilitating pain and/or damage to the plaintiff’s knees. The automobile manufacturer may also be ordered to develop and/or manufacture an appropriate mechanism to ensure that its chrome wheels are securely locked into place. Finally, the automobile manufacturer must pay for the costs associated with the development of this new locking mechanism. Essentially, if the “contributory negligence” theory is adopted in the case of a car with chrome wheels, the state will require that the wheels feature a new locking mechanism in order to mitigate the risk of the car being driven with an improperly fitted locking mechanism.

However, just because your state requires that the front of the car is designed with a spoke design does not mean that it must necessarily feature that design. Today, many vehicles are made with a wide variety of materials. In fact, many of today’s vehicles actually feature several different materials as well as several different spoke designs! While the vehicle manufacturer’s primary goal is to make the vehicle safe to drive, that does not prevent them from occasionally using a plated, chrome or spoke design to save cost.

As mentioned above, many vehicles are made with a variety of materials. One of the most popular and practical is chrome plated front end components. Chrome plated front end components have a very high cosmetic appeal. They are typically made of a thick chrome plated steel, although there are also many vehicles that have a chrome plated fiberglass material as well. In addition to their attractive appearance chrome plated front end trim enhances the safety of your automobile by adding a smooth clean trim line along the front edge of the vehicle. Additionally, chrome plated trim features a very modern design, which means that over time the chrome plated trim will become more rust resistant.

Obviously, chrome plated front end trim is an excellent design that adds personality to a vehicle. However, many of these vehicles do not have a very modern design. This means that many vehicles will not feature the newest front end styling. This can result in the front end of your vehicle aging much faster than what you would like. This can put a big damper on the appearance of your front end after your vehicle has been purchased. Fortunately, when you contact a replacement lawsuit case company they will be able to provide you with an experienced and aggressive front end design service so that your vehicle looks as new as possible.

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