Kerry Gold Vs. Delmonte Holding LLC

The Kerry Gold lawsuit is one of the largest legal cases in the United States, and it is currently being handled in San Diego. The complaint was filed by the families of nine people who died in the custody of R.J. Delmonte, a former deputy sheriff who was hired by Kerry Gold to be in control of his home after his wife, nineteen-year old Karolyra Delmonte, was found dead in their home.

The families wanted to hold R.J. accountable for the death of their loved ones, but a judge denied their request. Then they decided to take their case to court, and the lawyers began their case. Unfortunately, this was just the beginning. The case has become quite complicated, and the lawyer seems to be fighting them on both sides.

The first battle took place between the families of the deceased. They claimed that R.J. Delmonte, while working as a deputy, caused the deaths of all nine of their loved ones. Their lawyer, Michael Kubitz, made the claim as an expert witness for the defense.

The defense attorney, Patrick O’Rourke, claimed that the death was accidental. He claimed that there were no indications of a forced entry, or other kind of struggle. There were no witnesses to the fight, so the defense was able to use 911 calls as evidence to convince a jury that the death was accidental. This evidence proved the point that Delmonte was legally responsible for the death of the couple’s child.

The second battle involved damages. The plaintiffs’ attorney filed a claim of more than three hundred thousand dollars. This was more than the attorney’s estimates. It is believed to be the largest settlement of its kind. The three hundred thousand dollar claim is worth much more now, because the jury didn’t really find what it was looking for; they found that the manner of death was accidental, and that there wasn’t proof that there was force or violence used in the death. This is what led to the Gold Lawsuit.

The attorneys for both sides have indicated that they are happy with the result of today’s ruling. If anything, the outcome could have been different if Delmonte had taken the stand that he was not negligent in his handling of the couple’s home. In addition, the trial itself was very contentious, both from the attorneys and from the jury. A settlement was not possible, despite the great number of potential plaintiffs. Hopefully, this will put this case behind them, and hopefully we’ll see fewer frivolous lawsuits like the one from Kerry Gold.

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