Country Club Lawsuit

The discovery of a fountain in a prestigious country club is being challenged by a New York lawyer who claims it constitutes an illegal advertising campaign and is part of a campaign to attract wealthy members. According to legal experts, the complaint could be thrown out if the fountain was placed in areas where there are many people who frequent the club. For its part, the plaintiffs in the case say that their fountain is merely a decorative feature which does not benefit members of the club. If allowed to stand, the complaint maintains that it will cause a substantial increase in air pressure in the area.

The plaintiffs also point out that many other similar fountains are located nearby and are free from air pressure. Even if the air pressure is not high enough to cause damage, attorneys maintain that the effect will cause many members to suffer from allergies. The air pressure causes a cooling effect on people who drink or eat mints, chocolates, citrus fruits, and tea. Many of these members consume a lot of mints and chocolates every day and drinking a glass of water from a fountain is often too much for them to handle.

The Country Club lawsuit comes at a time when fountains are enjoying a resurgence of popularity. In the past decade, fountains have been featured in advertisements and have been used to attract members. A number of real estate companies have incorporated fountains into their marketing campaigns. Real estate companies are beginning to use fountains as part of a promotion campaign to attract members. Many homeowners enjoy fountains because they add an elegant beauty to the home. They can be viewed from outdoor locations, which allows them to stay close to their homes.

Lawyers for the plaintiff to believe that the fountains violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, as well as the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The FDCPA encourages consumers to settle credit card debt in a timely manner. It also requires that lenders provide detailed information about their practices regarding fair debt collection practices. Many of the fountains are large and emit strong volumes of water, causing the members to be distracted while they are paying attention to their phones or other activities. This distraction causes the members to miss important phone calls.

The plaintiffs argue that since the fountains were installed by the country club, members feel entitled to more than the fair debt collection practices. Some of the fountains cause members to trip over loose steps and trip on their water fountains, which injured several members. Other members have fallen off the fountain and broken bones.

The plaintiffs argue that because the fountains are placed on the residence, members feel like they are being exposed to cruel and unusual treatments. They say that the fountains cause members to squint because of the water coming down from the fountain. Others have lost their glasses at the foot of the fountain because they tripped and fell when they were trying to take a drink. Many of the fountains break, stain furniture, block storm drains and make people sick. The country club lawsuit is expected to go to trial.

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