Class Action lawsuit scams are one of the most common forms of internet fraud that can cost you thousands of dollars and destroy your credit. The class action lawsuit scam is when an individual files a lawsuit against another individual or corporation on their own behalf without the help of an attorney. Class action lawsuits are designed for a specific type of settlement. They are known to be very profitable to the attorneys who prepare them and many of them will charge you anywhere from seven hundred to one thousand dollars to do so.

A class action lawsuit scam will require you to contact several other people in hopes of convincing them to join the lawsuit as well. Once these individuals join the lawsuit, they will not receive any monetary settlement. This is because the defendant will be paying the members of the class who have agreed to join the lawsuit, so why would they want to pay out of their own pocket? The final settlement is based on a percentage of the total damages.

In the internet class action lawsuit scam, you will likely be directed to provide personal information such as your social security number and your date of birth. You will also be asked to sign documents and to submit proof that you are a resident of the State in which the lawsuit is filed. The purpose of this information is to allow the company to obtain your credit card information. Once the private investigator has your credit card information, they will use it to purchase a structured settlement from a company that they control. These fraudulent transactions happen almost instantaneously, but you do not realize what is going on until you receive a call at your house without asking you to cash out your money. If you do not realize that you are being scammed, you will be left holding an enormous amount of cash for someone else’s negligence.

Another thing that you should be aware of is that most companies that offer a class action lawsuit scam charge a very high fee for the service they provide. When you are dealing with an unscrupulous firm, you will find that the fees they request will be very much higher than the fees you are used to paying for similar services. Before you agree to pay any fee, you should check to see whether the firm you are dealing with is legitimate or not. There are laws in place that protect consumers from being taken advantage of. If the company attempts to charge you for a service that you have already received, then you should walk away and consider other options.

The final area in which you can be victimized by these scams is through Google Places. In particular, if you use the names of your personal friends, family members or former co-workers in your Google+ profile, you could unknowingly allow others to tamper with your personal information. As previously mentioned, there are many legitimate places on the web to post information about yourself, but remember that you should always be careful with anything you put on the internet. When looking at your personal information, do not go ahead and submit any sensitive details without your permission. This includes your name, address and telephone number.

The above examples are all well and good. However, if you were to find a legitimate social media class action lawsuit settlement offer, then you would need to be very careful about accepting it. You should not contact the individual who is offering the settlement and should only refer to them by their email address. If you want to be even more safe, then you should also refrain from providing any banking or credit information until you are completely sure that the offer is legitimate. Google has recently come under fire for allowing fake profiles to exist on their site, so you should take care to verify any claims made on your Google+ profile before making a decision.

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