Class Action Lawsuit – Why Should You Consider Jessica Simpson’s Story?

Just like other Class Action Lawsuits, there was a lawsuit against The Shopping Mall of America, or more popularly known as” Macy’s Inc.” This happened back in July of 2007. A male customer claimed that he suffered an injury when he tripped on a wet floor. The mall’s lawyer said that they would file a lawsuit against the individual, but Macy’s quickly said “no” and turned down their suit. A court date had to be set, and this is what you would call “the big one”.

As expected, the class action lawsuit was denied, and Macy’s knew something was wrong. Why did they choose not to fight this case? They knew that most people that sue for such injuries end up losing. If they fight and lose, they will have to spend more money on their defense and that could possibly lead to them closing their store. So instead, they compromised and let the class action lawsuit go away. In the same court, another man who slipped and fell in the same mall also lost his lawsuit.

The problem is with shopping malls. They are very large commercial places which have been built. They are designed to be very complicated and to accommodate a lot of different people and a lot of things. If the owners and/or managers don’t keep their properties clean, it will be very difficult for the public to sue them if they need to.

It is my contention that if a store puts out bad carpet, furniture, or other defective products, they should be held liable and financially punished for their negligence. But, they should never be sued by anyone for being negligent in a class action lawsuit. The class action lawsuit process was designed to protect the individual plaintiffs from being subjected to injuries due to their own actions and those of their fellow consumers. If we allow the “injured consumer” to sue the store, then the store will lose and the injured consumer will lose.

Now let’s look at another example of why I feel that Jessica’s story is so important. Let’s say that there was this woman who slipped and fell at a Wal-Mart. She filed a lawsuit against the company and they eventually agreed to pay her a settlement. What type of class action lawsuit would the company have to enter into in order to satisfy their obligation?

It seems that Jessica’s story is just the tip of the iceberg. It shows the flaws in the class action lawsuit process. We don’t need that to happen. We need to stop giving our rights away to the big corporations and start protecting ourselves by filing class action lawsuits of our own.

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