A Lexus, its parent firm Toyota Motor Corp., and two Florida retailers have been hit with a Class Action lawsuit alleging that the new dashboards in their high-end luxury vehicles are faulty and cannot endure the harsh weather in Florida. Lead plaintiff, Miami resident Daniela Perez, filed the suit this week. She is seeking compensatory and general damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, future medical expenses, her husband’s pain and suffering, and her mother’s nursing expenses.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Lexus

The complaint states that Lexus was aware that the dashboard in some of their vehicles would crack and break in extreme temperatures. Some models have been recalled in the past for this issue. The Class Action lawsuit says that Lexus failed to warn consumers of the potential for the dashboard to crack or break including all of the cases of the breakage of the windshield in Lexus vehicles in the state of California. This would result in extreme wear and tear on the dashboard which would cause it to shatter even more. The Class Action lawsuit also claims that Lexus dealers failed to properly maintain the cars, which is why some of the vehicles experienced breaks in the dashboard as a result of excessive wear and tear.

In addition to the windshield and dashboard issues, the Class Action lawsuit claims that Lexus also manufactures cars with brakes that are defective.

Specifically, the lawsuit claims that Lexus manufactured cars that are highly defective and dangerous. Specifically, the lawsuit contends that Lexus created a sport car which skids and slides when driving on the road, a car that could easily catch on fire when it hit a curb. The car also features an extremely dangerous steering system which gives out thousands of pounds of force when the wheels are turned. The brakes also do not work properly, which means that drivers could easily lose control of the car and become trapped or badly injured if they crashed into a stationary object. The Class Action lawsuit further claims that Lexus has not adequately warn consumers of these defects which have led to many serious accidents and deaths.

On top of all of this, the Class Action lawsuit further suggests that Lexus did not properly test their vehicles for safety features.

Specifically, the lawsuit alleges that Lexus designed its cars with sub-standard safety features that would allow the vehicles to be dangerous to drive in any crash. For instance, the Lexus cars feature a “side curtain” which is designed to lower the vehicle in order to prevent other drivers from being injured in a car crash. However, many of the plaintiffs’ claim that this side curtain fails to protect their own lives in an accident and instead allows other drivers to injure them. Other Class Action lawsuits have also alleged that Lexus vehicles contribute to the wrongful death of jogger Michael Smith who was killed in a Lexus vehicle in 2021.

As previously mentioned, Lexus has been hit with numerous Class Action lawsuits over the years because many of their vehicles are known to have been defective.

In many cases, the cars have been designed to allow the driver to “fall asleep” at the wheel and that, in effect, creates an extremely dangerous situation while driving. The Lexus Class Action lawsuit further suggests that Lexus fails to warn consumers about the dangers of the vehicles in such instances because it does not feel that they need to. This may explain why Lexus has not made any major adjustments to their manufacturing process and that it continues to sell cars that are defective. Not only is the Class Action lawsuit against Lexus pointing out the dangers of the way in which Lexus handles defect issues, but it is also urging other car manufacturers to join the lawsuit so as to avoid similar situations.

Another issue which is being highlighted in the Class Action lawsuit is the fact that many consumers have suffered injuries and even deaths while using, owning, and driving Lexus automobiles.

For example, in the case of Mr. Smith, the plaintiffs argue that he died as a result of a defective Lexus engine, while in the case of Mrs. Smith, she suffered brain damage and other issues. The Class Action lawsuit is demanding that Lexus manufacture a safety awareness bulletin for their cars in order to help prevent further injuries and deaths due to such defects. In addition to pointing out the safety issues, the Class Action lawsuit is making sure that such issues are raised in the warranty that accompanies each vehicle and is available from Lexus dealerships. Such a safety bulletin must include all pertinent information on the make and model of each vehicle, as well as details on any potential safety concerns that may be raised by such information.

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2 thoughts on “Class Action Lawsuit Against Lexus”
  1. I have this same problem in San Antonio Texas. My Dashboard on my 2011 Lexus ES350 has become gummy. I was told at one point that Lexus was replacing these but didn’t notice that my dash was becoming gummy until the severe heat wave we are experiencing in San Antonio. Can you add Texas Residence to this Class Action?

  2. My wife purchased a 208 Lexus Rx350 from Lexus in Plano TX in 2010 of 2011. The dash has cracked and continues to.
    Lexus employees have informed me of the defect when I mentioned it. In 2018 or 2019.
    When I went to the dealer to discuss Lexus informed me that they were doing a voluntary recall at one point but no longer do that and the car wasn’t covered. They mentioned a cost of about $2250 or so to replace. my wife hasn’t driven the vehicle since approximately 2017 as she has medical conditions in his bed written.
    I also come to find that the chrome wheels are now flaking, and I have rim leaks and all the tires. Lexus says you have to buy your wheels.

    I appear to the dealership and requested to speak with the GM and stole that he would call me, but I’ve never heard from him.

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