If you are currently a plaintiff in a lawsuit, it is very likely that you know about the Assurance Group lawsuit funding. In case you don’t know, The Assurance Group is a lawsuit funding company that provides lawsuit loans to plaintiffs who don’t have the financial means to fight a lawsuit. You must admit right at the outset that you cannot afford to fight a lawsuit and the court will not agree to your request for a lawsuit loan unless you provide assurances that you have the financial ability to fight the lawsuit. To obtain a lawsuit loan, you have to convince the court that you have suffered no financial harm as a result of the lawsuit. The Assurance Group lawsuit loans companies provide no assurances to plaintiffs. They merely lend money to plaintiffs to provide them with the money they need to fight a lawsuit.

What does the Assurance Group do if it lends money to plaintiffs who fail to repay the loan on time? The answer is simple. If the court finds that the plaintiff failed to repay the lawsuit loan, then the Assurance Group can sell the lawsuit loan to another company called a “creating company”. You may wonder what is so special about these creating companies; well, it’s because creating companies has become a very profitable business enterprise for the Assurance Group. The creating company basically picks up the case, pays the legal costs, and then makes the plaintiff an offer to settle the case for a predetermined amount of money.

Why is the Assurance Group willing to risk such high costs by making lawsuit loans to plaintiffs who may not succeed in their lawsuit? The answer is simple. The Assurance Group believes that if all plaintiffs are provided lawsuit loans with this lawsuit funding company, many more people will stand up to lawsuits. Since a good number of plaintiffs have indicated that they wish to pursue non-profit litigation as a result of being injured due to another’s negligence, the Assumption Group feels that it is worthwhile to provide lawsuit loans to plaintiffs who wish to pursue non-profit litigation.

There are two main areas where the lawsuit loans from the Assumption Group may be of assistance to you. First, the Assumption Group believes that it is important that it help you to obtain the necessary resources you need to mount your lawsuit. When it comes to this aspect, the Assumption Group believes that its experience in providing lawsuit funding gives it the knowledge that you need to prevail in your lawsuit. Second, when it comes to the matter of retaining counsel, the Assumption Group strongly believes that its well-reputed counsel will be able to assist you in finding an appropriate lawyer for your lawsuit. (Plaintiffs often have issues in selecting an attorney to whom they will entrust their case.)

To find out more about the lawsuit loans from the Assumption Group, contact the Assumption Group today. If you have been injured as the result of another’s negligence, you will certainly want to speak with a legal professional who has experience in dealing with these types of cases. No matter how severe or minor your injuries, the Assumption Group can help you pursue a lawsuit loan to help you pursue your lawsuit. If you are injured as a result of another’s negligence, the Assumption Group can provide you with the lawsuit loans you need to hire an attorney to help you file your claim.

Although we offer a limited number of advice in this article, we hope that the information contained herein will assist you in determining whether you may wish to pursue the lawsuit loans from the Assumption Group. We will not make claims in this article regarding the cost or benefits of pursuing a lawsuit loan from the Assumption Group. If you have a case that we have not discussed here, or if you have additional questions that we have not addressed adequately, please contact one of our representatives. In addition, we cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information contained herein. This is purely based on the information that is provided and is not necessarily a recommendation of any sort.

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