A Fred Meyer lawsuit is one of the most talked about and long standing cases in the nation. This case was brought against a local nutrition center (the defendant) for negligence in their handling of a child with autism. The plaintiff was a former employee that suffered greatly due to the negligence of the defendants. His lawsuit resulted in huge financial damages and it was the start of the movement that eventually transformed the USA’s food safety laws. As a result, many other families were able to avoid suffering the same fate as this one man.

Fred Meyer lawsuit

A famous New York Magazine article quoted several plaintiffs as saying that they had been delighted when they discovered that the amount they would receive was larger than expected. The actual amount is said to be close to two million dollars. The amount was ultimately quite small compared to the trauma and suffering caused to the plaintiff’s family. However, as the years have gone on, more settlements have been received and a significant number of people have benefitted from them.

The plaintiffs’ lawyer, Fred Meyer, has represented a wide range of individuals including the families of the victims of the September 11th attacks.

He has also handled a number of class action lawsuits regarding all different aspects of health care including breast cancer, diabetes and mesothelioma. He has specialised in disability discrimination and works closely with disabled rights groups and their legal advisers. Mr. Meyer has strong connections to prominent attorneys, top government officials and media personalities, which have helped him to build a large clientele base.

The Fred Meyer lawsuit received wide coverage on a number of national news channels, including CBS Evening News, CNN, Fox News, and Yahoo! News.

Legal analyst, John Chancellor, also commented that the settlement was a very welcome addition to American law. He said; “This is really important because we are in a time when the rights of the citizenry are being threatened in many different ways.”

Mr. Meyer will represent any class of individuals who have suffered injuries as a result of the negligence of an employer.

Any damages sought will be processed through his office. Other than serving as legal counsel for the case, his assistants are responsible for collecting any applicable evidence and presenting it to the courts.

The case is expected to conclude by the end.

The plaintiffs’ lawyer has yet to announce any monetary settlements. The terms of the agreement are subject to confidentiality agreements. The lawyers are expected to finalise the deal by the end of this year or early.

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