Home Depot is one of the largest home improvement centers in the country and also happens to be the defendant in a recent lawsuit. In November of last year, a woman filed a lawsuit against Home Depot after she was reportedly injured at an employee labor relations training class at the store. The plaintiff claimed that while she was taking the training, a man grabbed her and threw her to the ground. According to the lawsuit, the injury was not immediately apparent, as the woman could not feel anything from the fall but the pain in her neck and back.

Home Depot initially told the news media that it had no case and would not pursue the claim. However, the following day the company released a statement saying that it would investigate the incident. A few weeks later, on the day before Thanksgiving, a Home Depot safety representative met with the plaintiff’s attorney, Mark Weinberg. Weinberg said that the representative told him that the company did have a case and would be defending its employees against the woman’s claim. A few days later, the company released a statement saying it was looking into the claim, but would not be taking any action against the individual in question.

At this point, it appears that there are a few different aspects of this story. The first is the claim that the person in question ran away when he was tackled. We have seen all sorts of reports where people run for their lives after being tackled and then tripping over them, or worse, falling over them. I can’t say whether or not this is what actually happened in this case, but it is worth considering. It does seem strange that he would run, given that he was carrying a box of equipment.

There were also discrepancies between the initial claims made by the company and the claims later made by the attorney. Weinberg says that at the time, he was only representing the victim, and that the company was not yet in a position to consider its own case. We’ve seen this situation before in which a company makes a sensational claim about how their product or service has helped someone who has an accident and then drops the ball when the plaintiff’s attorneys begin looking into it. Some companies even go so far as to pretend that their product does not pose a safety risk!

As you can see from this Home Depot lawsuit, it’s pretty clear that things aren’t going according to plan. This might explain why the company has decided to settle the case instead of fighting it in court. Many large corporations have been successfully sued for medical negligence and won awards in court. The question is, will this happen to Home Depot?

It might be a wise decision for them to settle this lawsuit, rather than let a case go to trial, where they may have to fight off more lawsuits, and spend more money on legal fees. The attorney’s fees alone could run into thousands of dollars, so they might prefer to settle, rather than paying out of pocket. Of course, this decision is up to the homeowners, and the court will make the final decision. If you’re not sure if you want to go to court, there’s no reason to worry.

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